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Song Selections...

Music and additional Lyrics: Leonard Moors
Lyrics: Joel Adlen


Signs of the Great Recession (Ensemble + Ray)
In suburban middle-America, Ray, an unemployed assembly-line worker, has resigned to never finding a job. Fran, his wife and waitress at a local diner, strives for better days. Katie, their daughter, is working as a canvasser and barista trying to pay off student debt.

Credit Hell (Fran)
Fran laments as the proverbial bills come due.

A Man's Gotta Do (Rash and The Rashettes)
With the "help" of a radio talk-show host, Ray attempts to pay the cable bill, but makes an unfortunate discovery.

The Assembly Line (Ray)
Ray discovers that not only are there lack of funds for anything important (let alone the cable bill,) but that he and Fran are severely behind on all their bills. He yanks his answering machine from the wall and a panic attack follows.  Ray collapses and reminisces about when he was at the top of his game.

A Better, Brighter World (Katie, Leif)
Downtown, Katie, daughter of Fran and Ray, is canvassing while her boyfriend, Leif, escapes in the world
of computer games.

What's a Girl to Do? (Mother Fran, Patriots)
At Fran's work, Fran encounters her whacked-out extremist mother, "Mother Fran."  Mother Fran threatens to take on Ray's issues as her own. Fran asks her mother not to intervene, so Mother Fran consuls her in a
“red, white, and blue” manner.

A Cold Wind a-Blowin' (Ray, Cashiers)
After discovering that Ray cashed out on his retirement, Fran insists he returns everything to get his money back. So Ray returns his goods, except it's for pennies on the dollar.

Take One Step (Fran, Katie, Mother Fran, and Ensemble) (End of Act 1)
After Ray returns his goods for pennies on the dollar, daughter Katie and her boyfriend Leif prepare for a protest. But when Leif discovers Katie's stash of commercial junk food, he leaves her. Meanwhile, as Ray reaches home dejected, Fran announces a solution to their financial problems: foreclosure. Mother Fran appears and makes matters worse. Ray collapses while Fran and ensemble try to support him.

Ray of Sunshine (Fran)
Act Two, the foreclosure process has begun, but Ray remains immobile and unemployed. Fran consults with a number of professionals to no success. Tired of it all, Ray desires to break up with Fran. But Fran tries to
hang on.

How a Child Grows (Katie)
Having broken up with Leif, Katie is now dating grunge-hipster Thomas.  Thomas and Katie are hanging out at the local community park. She shares a poem about her path of uncertainty.

Girl, When We Met (Thomas)
After Katie shares her poem of uncertainty, grunge-hipster Thomas shares his idea of the perfect girlfriend.

Helluva Job (Hill, Ray and Ensemble)
Ray finally lands a job. At his new worksite, he and the workers are challenged by their overbearing supervisor to assemble boxes. Ray rises to the occasion and assembles boxes faster than his co-workers.

Rise up and Sing (Mrs. Johnson and Ensemble)
At Katie's second job, Leif's mother, Mrs. Johnson, makes a grand entrance. Katie confesses her unhappiness about Leif and their relationship. Mrs. Johnson counsels Katie with "Rise up and Sing,” a call to rise above one’s situation in spite of difficult circumstances.


Fran: Rebecca Faiola

Ray: Clive Worsley

Katie: Beth Carr

Leif: Dominic Lim

Mother Fran: Shelley Lynn Johnson

Rash: Titus France

Mrs. Johnson: Sheria Johnson

Thomas: Leonard Moors

Hill: Titus France

Rashettes and Cashiers: Jessica Wan and Beth Carr

Ensemble: Jessica Wan, Beth Carr, Dominic Lim, Leonard Moors, and Titus France (voice over)

Engineer: Ben Bernstein. Recorded and mixed Winter 2015 at Ben Bernstein Music, Oakland,
and Mission Records San Francisco.

All songs © 2015 by Joel Adlen and Leonard Moors